Kathy Leeds in her Los Angeles Studio

Kathy Leeds began painting when she envisioned a particular painting for her own home and decided to do it herself. The piece is an image of her own wooden bowl filled with red apples that symbolized the essence of home to her.

Kathy then rented a small space in a collective art studio and slowly transitioned from her career as an interior and architectural designer to a full-time painter. Her work has gone through several transitions, including a long period of “magical-realism” which was a result of her studies of Latin American art and literature, and also a way of keeping a personal visual diary. The creation of this symbolic record of both her interior and exterior world is a constant thread in all of her work. These paintings contain both images wholly created in her mind with those found in the real world. She creates a dense symbolic narrative that plays on myriad levels.

Her paintings reside in many private collections, and her work has been in numerous shows, including Art Basel Miami, which showcased her abstract paintings.

Kathy has currently returned to her first love, still life. She is now painting solely from life, as opposed to creating the allegorical narratives and landscapes from her own head, that characterized much of her prior work. She now paints set ups she creates from personal objects combined with those found in nature. She has lately become fascinated with light and shadow and is trying to paint that everyday, “objective” reality, in a way that still continues her own, unique internal dialogue with the exterior world.

Kathy currently works in her home studio in Los Angeles, which she shares with her husband, the sculptor, David Leeds.